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A Revolutionary Skin Care Cream, get rid of wrinkles in just 90 seconds!

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A Revolutionary Skin Care Cream, get rid of wrinkles in just 90 seconds!

Post by pmmutiti on Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:27 pm

Instant Tightening and Restoring  Serum. Dark Spot Corrrector and  Brightening cream. Jouve Skin System.

Jouve skin care is designed to remove 10 to 15 years of aging.

With a special collection of all natural ingredients, Jouve delivers immediate results
and over time results in long-term modifications in your skin's elasticity. This suggests
you could reverse aging with use of the Jouve product!

Jouve is by far the biggest danger to the various other one-trick pony internet
marketing skin care companies.

Jouve was investigated and made to the exact same Gold standards Ariix has always
promoted in its product advancement.

ARIIX, THE Opportunity Company ™, has actually developed a revolutionary skin care
brand name, Jouvé, which is officially releasing November 14, 2015 in Nashville, TN.

Two of our individual partners and employee, Terry as well as Cris Silkman will certainly
be going to the occasion as brand name emissaries for the product.

Jouve development was done using the following principles under the Ariix gold

Safe: While numerous skincare and cosmetic alternatives can be unsafe and also have
contaminants, ARIIX carefully produced products that will never, ever before make use
of extreme active ingredients or position a long-term health and wellness threat.

Reliable: Each product had to reveal noticeable as well as true outcomes that consumers delight in.

Therapeutic: On top of visible results, Jouvé's products needed to consist of active
ingredients that nurture as well as shield the skin, along with restore the skin's luster and health and wellness.

Multi--practical: Each product name includes the word "as well as" because they are
designed to satisfy greater than one feature and also have multiple advantages.

"This brand name has actually been a very long time coming," states Cassidy Barsdorf,
Jouvé Brand name Supervisor. "We didn't want to hurry it. We wanted to make certain
we were supplying the most safe and most effective remedies to skincare the world
has actually ever seen. We could possibly not be more proud of Jouvé as well as can't
wait to see exactly how it's visiting change lives worldwide."

To learn more or to order online visit http://ariixafricagroup.exploreariix.com

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Peter Mwaura Mutiti : Teaching old blood cells new tricks:
When you hear someone mention circulation you probably think of the heart and major arteries—and for good reason. Circulatory disorders such as hypertension (high blood pressure) and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) are major risk factors for heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

But there’s more to it than that. With all the attention on the heart and arteries, it’s easy to overlook serious health problems affecting the smallest components of the circulatory system—microscopic blood vessels called microcapillaries, where the critical exchange of oxygen and nutrients actually takes place. If blood isn’t flowing through this web properly, it can trigger all sorts of health problems, many of which may not seem related to circulation at all.

A number of factors contribute to poor circulation as we age. Arteries and veins become stiff and congested as cholesterol and calcium plaques accumulate and restrict blood flow. Spasms in the smooth muscles surrounding the circulatory arteries and veins can also choke off circulation. These same processes also occur in our microcapillaries, reducing microcirculation and impairing the critical exchange of nutrients and gases in tissues and major organs.

This problem only gets worse as we get older because of changes in the composition and structure of blood cells. As you reach middle age, the blood starts to thicken and congeal as platelets and blood proteins make cells sticky. Plus, the spleen—the organ that removes old, damaged blood cells from circulation—begins to slow down with age, which means new, healthy blood cells are replaced at a sharply reduced rate. And to make matters even worse, as blood cells age, they become stiff and no longer appear round and evenly shaped. This makes it harder for them to pass smoothly through the capillaries. In fact, the angular, jagged shape of the old cells can damage the fragile microcapillaries even further.

Eventually, these age-related changes take their toll on the microcapillaries, reducing circulation to the tissues and blocking the flow of nutrients and oxygen. Removal of carbon dioxide and other metabolic waste products is also hindered. This leads to a slow buildup of metabolic garbage that can gradually bury the cells in their own waste products. In time, the cells, poisoned by their own metabolic byproducts, begin to waste away and ultimately cease to function altogether.

The combined effect of poor circulation and old blood contributes to a host of symptoms, including deep fatigue, fuzzy thinking, frequent infections, and lowered sex drive—all conditions usually considered just “normal parts of aging.”

If circulation doesn’t improve, it can lead to more serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis. But giving your body a fresh supply of healthy blood may target all of these problems and more.
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