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2 MLM Legends: Ken Stewart and Clay Jacksons of Vemma Kenya, Reveal 6 Key Things You Need to Know That Can Put You on the Fast Track to MLM Success!

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2 MLM Legends: Ken Stewart and Clay Jacksons of Vemma Kenya, Reveal 6 Key Things You Need to Know That Can Put You on the Fast Track to MLM Success!

Post by pmmutiti on Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:19 pm

Most people never achieve any success in network marketing (MLM), let alone long term success, no matter how many hours they put in, how much effort they apply, how much they promote, or how much money they spend in building their business. Unfortunately, after trying several MLM opportunities, they quit, reaching the conclusion that network marketing doesn’t work when the outcome might have been entirely different had they known “The 6 Keys” and made one critical decision differently based on those 6 keys!

Clay Jackson; Vemma Royal Ambassador

Others jump from one new program to the next, thinking that being in at the beginning of the latest “hot, new deal” is the answer to achieving the success that has always eluded them, only to meet with disappointment time after time when those
Ken Stewart: Vemma Star President

“hot” new deals fizzle out and/or go out of business, which 98% do within their first 2 years! After wasting a year or more of time in several start ups, not to mention wasting a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in each of them, several years later, after making little to no money, they either quit out of frustration and disappointment, or they are forced to quit network marketing by their now less than supportive spouse.

Once again, had they known “The 6 Keys” and made one critical decision differently based on those 6 keys, the outcome could have been much different!

Then there are those who, either because they don’t want to work that hard due to a lottery ticket mentality, or because they don’t know any better, choose programs disguised as a network marketing opportunity, when, in reality, they are really nothing more than a glorified “money game.” You know the type. Low cost of entry with a one time purchase typically of $10-$20-$30, up to $100, sometimes more, with claims that you can build a business in 200 countries and you don’t have to sponsor anyone, don’t have to sell anything, don’t have to purchase anything on a monthly basis, don’t have to do anything, and yet, you can still make a fortune, usually thanks to their “amazing, newfangled, patented, reverse, super duper, 3-4-or 5 by something, forced and expandable matrix pay plan” and their claims of massive “spillover.”

First, matrix plans have never worked! Out of the more than 50,000 opportunities that have launched over the past 50 years, only one has experienced any significant, long term success-One! Even that company has modified their plan on numerous occasions in order to retain their leaders. Nobody in their right mind would ever bet their success on something that has only worked once!

More importantly, you earn far less in a matrix plan than you do in the other, more well known compensation models. Finally, regulators consider them gimmicky and they’re usually but not always associated with programs that are nothing more than “money games” disguised as a network marketing opportunity!

Nobody who is a serious student of the history of our industry and a knowledgeable and experienced network marketer, would ever get involved with an opportunity that has a matrix pay plan! (You can learn a lot from history!) Unfortunately, many average people fall prey to claims they’ll benefit from “spillover,” evidently unaware that each level you go down in a matrix, the less spillover for any one individual, not more!

Second, programs which promote that “you don’t have to sell anything, sponsor anyone, or do anything” and you can still make money are considered “illegal money games” in virtually every country in the world ! Regulators like to see distributors acquiring a few customers, meeting minimal monthly performance requirements, and performing some type of supervisory function (doing 3 way calls, trainings, etc.) as a justification for receiving income and bonus checks from the company, especially on people they don’t know. If you are receiving income for doing nothing more than signing up in a program and paying for a distributorship, that is no different than buying a lottery ticket! In fact, regulators use lottery statutes frequently in prosecuting programs deemed to be illegal “money games.”

Not only are these “you don’t have to do anything, sell anything, or sponsor anyone and you can still make money” type programs illegal, but, more importantly, they create the illusion that people can make money without having to do anything, learn any new skills, or apply themselves on a consistent basis, that all they have to do is sign up and throw a few dollars at something, or, let someone else do all the work and they’ll make a fortune, all of which ultimately sets the individual up for failure as they never learn and excel at any of the skills necessary to build a long term business and really succeed, and which, at the same time, reinforces the public’s perception that network marketing is nothing but a “money game,” a scam.

More importantly, these types of programs foster a self defeating outcome! If people don’t have to do anything, guess what? They don’t! People, with the exception of leaders who always do more than what is required, will generally do whatever minimum bar you have set and if that bar is zero, that’s exactly what most people do! Zero! Furthermore, this is not building a business!

Classic examples of these types of so-called opportunities which are nothing more than “money games” include ILLEGAL cash gifting programs (it’s amazing the number of people who actually believe cash gifting is legal!) and many programs that involve an internet oriented concept, usually promoting some overpriced software, a traffic generating scheme, or a new e-commerce or social networking type related program.

Not only are most of them nothing more than illegal money games based on the way they are designed and/or promoted, but they’ve been done before and have never worked long term! When will people learn? It’s amazing that people actually fall for these types of programs, but they do! Just make sure you’re not one of them!

Unfortunately, “The 6 Keys” are of no value to people who are looking for an “easy, no work required” way to make money. By the way, a common retort from people involved in programs that are actually “money games,” especially cash gifting programs, is “Well, they haven’t been shut down, so the program must be legal.” Using that logic, a person selling illegal drugs must not be doing anything wrong because they’re not in jail! No, it merely means they haven’t popped up on a regulator’s radar screen and been caught yet!

In addition, anytime you see a new company about to launch, or one that has recently launched, or is only a year or so old, and they claim they are going to open in or have opened in 60-70-80-90 countries or in every country around the world, I can guarantee you they are illegally operating in almost all of them! They haven’t taken the time (at least a year or two) or spent the tremendous amount of money (hundreds of thousands to $1 million or more) it requires to research the laws in each of those 60-70-80-90 countries, file the necessary paperwork, register, post any required bonds, open up required bank accounts, make any necessary adjustments to the program to ensure compliance, and other criteria that countries have mandated you must comply with in order for a network marketing company to legally promote their products and their network marketing opportunity within their particular country!

More importantly, companies that fail to do the necessary work to comply with such requirements are subject to being shut down for being an ILLEGAL program, and distributors are subject to prosecution, fines, and jail terms for being involved in such programs! New and young companies will frequently “fly under the radar,” meaning they’ll go ahead and recruit people in a particular country, take their money, and send them commission checks, hoping they can generate enough business that merits then taking the time and spending the money in order to be compliant in that country. They’re not only risking the future of their company, but your future as well as, not to mention subjecting you to possible legal action by various authorities and regulators! Why take that risk when there are established companies operating properly that are just as lucrative? (We’ve recently seen a lot of hype touting 2 such programs claiming to be “launching globally,” one with a health related product, the other a phone/cellular related program.)

Finally, there are those who seem to have the “golden touch,” and are able to build large organizations and earn incredible incomes consistently over a long period of time in network marketing (MLM), in large part because they are knowledgeable about the history of our industry, have their pulse on trends both in and out of our industry, and make smart business decisions based on that knowledge as well as their experience.

Why is it that one person succeeds while another fails? Is it luck? Skill? Experience? Knowledge? Timing? Determination? Is there a science or an art to achieving success, a “system?” Actually, it’s a combination of all of those factors, but there’s one decision you’ll make that really determines your eventual outcome.

Make the right decision and you put the odds of success in your favor. Make the wrong decision and you’re virtually guaranteed to fail, regardless of when you get in, how great the products are, how lucrative the pay plan claims to be, how great the company is, who the owner is and how much experience and money they have, how knowledgeable you are, how much experience you have, how lucky you are, how hard you work, how much determination you have, how many leads you can generate, how many people you can attract, or how great your system is!

Revealed! The 6 Keys to Putting the Odds in Your Favor and
Achieving Success in Network Marketing in the New Millennium!

Now, for the first time, 2 legendary network marketing (MLM) leaders, who, in 2 recent programs built combined teams of more than 500,000 distributors and generated $2 billion in group sales, earning over $10 million in just those 2 opportunties alone , reveal “6 keys” you need to know if you want to put the odds in your favor and maximize your chances for MLM success in the new millennium!

You’ll also learn:

* the 2 rules of marketing that most people fail to follow and why it can cost you a fortune!
* which market will create the biggest incomes in the new millennium and why!
* the one mistake that people make which virtually guarantees failure!
* why you should avoid “groundfloor” opportunities and when the fortunes are really earned!
* what type of pay plan is generating the biggest incomes in the shortest period of time and the 3 types of pay plan you should always avoid!
* the 3 types of programs we recommend you avoid and why!
* what the most successful companies since the year 2000 have in common!
* why timing and positioning are initially far more important to your success than the product or the pay plan!
* and much, much more!
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“As an industry leader with over 20 years of experience and who’s been a top distributor in several companies, I highly recommend this free report! It’s bold, daring, yet truthful and accurate, and filled with valuable information, and for those looking to find themselves in the right place at the right time, it reveals one such opportunity!” R.C.-Indiana
This is your chance to finally achieve the MLM success you deserve, but you must act now! Read the following free report and then let’s talk about how you can put yourself on the road to success in network marketing in the new millennium!

Yours in success,

The MLM Dream Team

Urgent Report From Two Of The Top Leaders and Money-Earners In The MLM & The Home Based Business Industry"
2 MLM Legends Reveal “The 6 Keys” to Achieving Success in Network Marketing in the New Millennium!

Discover Valuable Information Your Upline May Not Want You to Know Plus How to Create the Biggest Payday of Your MLM Career-Guaranteed!

Success. It’s something everyone dreams of when they become distributors in a network marketing opportunity, and it means different things to different people. For some, it’s having more time to spend with family and friends, or the freedom to do what they want and when they want, while others seek to earn extra income to pay bills, buy a new home, drive their dream car, pay for a son or daughter’s college education, take the family on a nice vacation every year, or to provide for a comfortable retirement. Still others dream of making a six or seven figure yearly income, becoming financially independent, and traveling the world. Unfortunately, many never achieve the level of success they desire in order to make their dreams come true!

Now, for the first time ever, you’re going to learn how to put the odds of success in your favor for a change as this information packed, hard hitting, FREE report discloses valuable information and eye opening insights your sponsor and upline leaders in your current opportunity may not want you to know, and with good reason! You may decide to leave your present program, thereby jeopardizing their success and their income, but this isn’t about them, it’s about YOU, your success, and your income! It’s about you making a smart business decision which could dramatically put the odds of success in your favor and greatly increase your income earning potential!

Having had combined groups of over 500,000 distributors and group sales of $2 billion in two opportunities prior to our current program where we earned over $10 million and coached numerous people to earn incomes of up to $1 million a year and more, and now top leaders with a rapidly growing, 5 year old international company recently featured on the covers of Success magazine and Direct Selling News, my partner and I, who many consider to be MLM legends with over 60 years of experience between the 2 of us both as distributors and as consultants, are often asked, "What's the secret to MLM success?“

It starts with putting the odds of success in your favor instead of trying to beat the odds! There is one critical decision you MUST get right, and if you don't, it doesn't matter how hard you work, how smart you are, how much money you spend promoting and building your business with leads and a system, how much training you do, how great the product is, or how lucrative the pay plan is on paper, you’ll FAIL almost 100% of the time-GUARANTEED!

Granted, all those variables are important, but they are secondary factors, and they take a back seat to the one critical decision you make which determines whether you are putting the odds of success in your favor OR whether you are trying to beat the odds, which, like gambling, almost always results in failure! You’re about to discover what that one decision is and the 6 key criteria to take into account when making that decision!

Most exciting, you’re going to you’re going to find yourself in the right place at the right time and be able to use your new found knowledge to position yourself for the success and income you deserve!

“Why Should I Listen to This Person?
What Makes Him or Her Such an Expert?”

That should be the first question that comes to mind whenever you read or listen to someone, especially when making critical decisions on some of the most important aspects of your life such as starting a business, achieving success, making money, or becoming financially independent!

It’s certainly the first question that runs through our mind when we’re listening to someone speak, or reading their book or report, and it should be yours as well, and if the person is credible, it should be followed by “What can I learn from this person? What information can I obtain, what knowledge can I acquire that I can put to use that will help me to succeed and/or make more money?”

And then there’s the most important question of all: “is there any way that I might be able to work with this person, to have him personally coach or mentor me?”

Here’s the answer to the first question! (The answers to the other questions you’ll hopefully find throughout this special free report!) During the course of our more than 25 years that we each have spent in the industry, my partner and I have been involved in some of the fastest growing and most successful companies in network marketing history, having been #1 or top 10 distributors in several large and successful companies!

In just 2 programs prior to our current company, one featured on the cover of such well known publications as Success magazine, we built combined teams of more than 750,000 people and generated around $2 billion in sales, coaching and helping numerous people from a wide variety of ages and backgrounds to earn part time and full time incomes of up to $1 million a year and more, earning millions in the process ourselves.

We don’t mention these numbers to brag. Others have built larger groups, generated more volume, and earned more money, but not many! We mention our background and these numbers for 2 reasons: Credibility, and to stress that what we know doesn’t come from a book or off someone’s website! It comes from 25 years of being in the trenches every day, what we affectionately refer to as the “school of hard knocks,” and we’ve got the battle scars to prove it!.

It’s important that you know our background because there are people who profess to be “experts” when they’ve never actually “fought the good fight,” have never achieved any major, hard earned success, and this is especially true of many self proclaimed “experts” on the Internet today!

Have You Seen “This Guy?”

People are being taught today by so-called “internet marketing gurus” to “brand” themselves as an expert in order to create credibility and establish a following, without ever having achieved any measurable success, without ever having “paid the price for admission,” and without having extensive knowledge of and experience in a variety of areas related to being successful in network marketing.

Their knowledge is a result of what they’ve read in a book or learned in a video! They’ve never successfully applied what they’ve read or seen, yet, here they are, claiming to “know how to show you the way,” and they’re more than happy to charge you money for the privilege! They may be able to pass themselves off as an “expert” to the average, unsuspecting person who knows even less than they do, but they lose all credibility when they suddenly find themselves face to face or on the phone with someone of our knowledge and experience.

Perhaps you get the same emails and phone calls that we do? It usually starts off with “I teach people how to be successful with a home based business,” or “I help people build a successful home based business. If I could show you a way….” Here’s the first question we ask: “Have you actually done what you’re claiming you can show us how to do?” The answer is usually, “Well, no, but I know someone who has,” or “Well, no, I’m just getting started, but there’s ‘this guy’…”

Our response is, “Wait a minute. We thought you were an expert! Since that’s really not the case, then you should be promoting “this guy” as the expert, and not yourself! Call us back when you’ve actually done it! Better yet, we’d like to talk to “this guy.” Get him on the phone and call us back.” Funny, but not one of these people has ever called us back!

Interestingly enough, they usually neither personally know and/or they’ve usually never actually met “this guy!” They only know him over the Internet! “How do you know that he’s done what he claims he’s done?” we ask. “Has he ever been featured in any magazines or publications? Is he a top leader in a particular company? How long has he been in the industry? And how do you really know that what you’re promoting actually works?”

The answers would astound you! We shake my head in amazement at times at how gullible people can be and how much more successful they would be if they were working with people like us and putting their efforts into the most lucrative opportunities available instead of the “here today, gone tomorrow” and “go nowhere” deals they’re promoting, most of which are either nothing more than “money games,” or it’s been tried before and has never worked!

Important Tip: Don’t Listen to Just Anybody!

Make sure they’ve earned the right to be an “expert,” that they have a proven track record, and that they are qualified to be someone you should listen to and follow! When you see home based business expert or consultant, internet expert or consultant, or network marketing expert, common on people’s social networking websites and in their profiles, you need to ask them “what qualifies them to be an expert or a consultant? How many years have they been in the industry? What companies have they been involved with? How big were their groups? What types of incomes did they earn?”

Typically, you’ll find they have very little experience, or if they have, they’ve never had any major success, and they’ll quickly try to change the subject or convince you it doesn’t matter! Just because someone has been in the industry for 10 or 20 years doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about!

And for goodness sakes, if the person you’re actually talking to is an “expert,” which, granted is rare, do yourself a favor and keep an open mind to the possibilities! There’s a reason why they’re making more money than you! More fortunes have been lost because people reached conclusions and made the wrong business decision based on preconceived notions, on what they think, and without getting all the facts, or ignoring the facts, history, and trends than for any other reason! Remember, your mind is like a parachute-it works best when it is open! You need to be open, open to new ideas, new possibilities, new ways of doing things, and to learning from people who know more than you do and who have achieved the success and incomes you desire!

Now, lest you think that it’s always been easy, or that we’ve never tasted “the agony of defeat,” I can assure you that we’ve encountered our fair share of disappointments, setbacks, and even a few failures over the past 3 decades (you can often learn more from failure than you can from success), so for those of you who’ve experienced failure, but have never tasted the success you’ve dreamed about and that others have attained, just remember “there’s a rainbow after every storm and the sun always shines above the clouds!” One day an opportunity will present itself, where you’ll be in the right place at the right time, where “all the stars will line up” so to speak, where you’ll take the information you’ve learned from reports like this one and seize the moment and take action, and something big and life changing will happen!

We’re always fascinated when we meet people and in talking to them about network marketing we hear, “Well, you know, I’ve had a few bad experiences in network marketing, so I don’t think it’s for me.” I always reply, “well, if previous failures and disappointment are holding you back, it’s a good thing mankind isn’t counting on you for anything important!” That usually gets their attention! I like to use Thomas Edison as an example. “Edison went through thousands of failed experiments in creating the light bulb. It’s a good thing he didn’t quit after 2 or 3 unsuccessful attempts or we would still be living in the dark!”

Most great inventions, most lifechanging achievements have occurred after numerous, failed attempts! In fact, success usually comes long after others have or would have let go! Remember Walt Disney, of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck fame? He went bankrupt 3 times before Disneyland became a reality! Imagine how much happiness the world would have missed out on if he had quit after the first bankruptcy, let alone the 3rd!

If someone failed out of laziness, that’s not a problem we can correct. Sure we can motivate someone, but that’s a short term effect that fails to address the root of the problem. In many cases, people failed because they made one wrong decision, and that’s a problem that we can fix! In fact, “The 6 Keys” will help you make that one particular decision correct virtually 100% of the time, thereby greatly increasing your chances for success! More on this in a moment…

You’re Just One Opportunity Away From Achieving Success
and Making You Dreams Come True! Will You Be Ready For It?

Here’s another valuable tip! Opportunities will hit you when you least expect them, aren’t always obvious when they first appear, and most important, opportunities will often present themselves at a time that isn’t necessarily good for you, but it’s the perfect time for them!

Which is more important? Your timing or the opportunity’s timing? The opportunity’s timing! You have to seize the moment when they appear in order to maximize their profitability because if you don’t, they can disappear very quickly, never to be recaptured because someone else comes along and takes advantage of the opportunity instead of you!

As is the case so often in life, timing is everything! Rest assured, your day is coming, and sooner than you realize thanks to the valuable information and the “roadmap to results” contained in this special FREE report! After all, we should know! We create millionaires!

And the best part is you could be next because contained in this FREE report is a “key” that could unlock the door to the single biggest payday you’ve ever experienced, but you’ll need to be looking for it, so make sure to read every word of this information packed report which contains a vast amount of valuable knowledge and first hand experience that we’ve acquired over the past 3 decades, all of which has led to “the 6 keys!”.

Revealed! The 6 Keys That You Can Mean the Difference Between Success and Failure!

Tired of waiting for MLM success to arrive? Wondering which opportunity to pursue? Want to know how to put the odds in your favor and achieve success in network marketing in the new millennium? You can learn a lot from history! Our industry underwent a profound transformation as the dawn of the new millennium appeared, in large part due to computers and the Internet, which allowed companies with new products and/or services, creative new business models, and innovative marketing concepts to reach the masses on a global scale with their products/services and their opportunity, and to compete against the established network marketing companies with older business models.

The result? Since the year 2000, the companies with the fastest growth, the most success, and where distributors have earned the biggest incomes have these 3 characteristics in common:

1) they are in the health and wellness/personal care market,(health products, supplements, nutrition, weight loss, and anti-aging which includes skin care) which is not surprising as historically health and wellness/personal care has been the market where the biggest incomes have been earned over the longest period of time in our industry, a trend that will continue for the next several decades due to the world’s more than one billion aging baby boomers who want to live longer, look younger, and lead healthier and active lifestyles, the failure of modern health care systems to keep people healthy, the increasing cost of health care, longer life spans, recent scientific studies showing the need for supplementation and their effectiveness, and fears over new viruses such as swine flu, all of which is creating a worldwide health and wellness revolution and leading to record breaking sales of health, wellness, nutritional, and anti-aging products, the next multi-trillion dollar global opportunity!

According to economist, former advisor to U.S. Presidents, and best selling author Paul Zane Pilzer, "More millionaires will be created in the Wellness industry than in real estate in the 80's or the Internet boom of the 90's." Can you make money in opportunities that market telecommunications, cosmetics, or household products? Sure. But we’re talking about increasing your chances for the greatest amount of success and maximizing your income earning potential, remember? If the biggest incomes are earned by the greatest number of people in health and wellness/personal care, and they are, and will be for the next few decades, and if you’re looking to increase the odds for the greatest amount of success and to maximize your income earning potential, then one look at history and trends should tell you that’s the business you need to be in if you’re looking to make the smartest business decision possible!

In addition, the other reason we like health and wellness/personal care opportunities over others is that there is an “emotional experience” involved with health and wellness/personal care which doesn’t exist with other types products and services. When people dramatically improve their health, lose weight, or improve their appearance, they have an emotional experience with the product, especially when others notice and make favorable comments, all of which increases the likelihood of loyalty to the product, even if someone else comes out with something newer, different, or even better!

It’s pretty hard to have an emotional experience over saving a few dollars on a phone bill, a travel bill, or a technology, and the minute a new service or technology appears that makes the current way of doing things obsolete or less expensive, you’re likely to have customers drop your service or technology for the new one. Why? Because they don’t have anything invested on a deep emotional level, it’s a decision based on only money.

The Biggest Mistake That Many Distributors Make
And Why You Need to Know the First 2 Rules of Marketing!

We can hear it now. “I’m not into health and wellness/personal care,” or “it’s not for me.” Our reply is one question: Are you in business to succeed and make money?” Are you wanting to put the odds of success in your favor? If the answer is yes, if you want to make a smart business decision and increase your chances for the most success and maximize your income earning potential, you better “get into it!” It’s where the biggest incomes have been earned historically, it’s where the biggest incomes are being earned today, and it’s where the biggest incomes will probably be earned for the next few decades as well. Period. End of story!

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in choosing an opportunity is making decisions based on what they think or like! Listen, you are now in the marketing business! Your success isn’t going to be based on “what you’re into” or “what is or isn’t for you.” This isn’t about you! If you want to get paid on what you think, go to work for a polling or survey company, or get a radio or TV talk show! This is about you succeeding in the marketing business to the greatest degree possible, maybe for the first time ever! It’s about what the masses are into, what they like, want, think, and need, NOT what you like, want, think, and need! When it comes to marketing, it’s the first rule of success!

Let me give you a perfect example. I don’t think McDonald’s has the best tasting hamburger in the world! You probably don’t either if you’ve eaten one! Yet, they sell more hamburgers than anyone else on the planet, regardless of what you and I think! If we were going to invest several million dollars in a hamburger or fast food franchise and we wanted to increase our chances for success and maximize the return on our investment, whose franchise do you think we would buy IF we wanted to make a smart business decision? That’s right! McDonalds! They are not only the #1 hamburger chain in the world, they are the largest and most successful fast food chain in the world, and their franchisees typically become multi-millionaires!

If we wanted to make a smart business decision, we’d buy a McDonald’s franchise, regardless of what you and I like, or what you and I are “into” because what the public likes, thinks, and is “into” is far more important than what we like or think or are “into,” and it’s obvious that in the U.S. and numerous countries around the world, the general public likes McDonald’s!

Here’s another example. You might not “be into” the color black. It might not be the “color for you.” You might prefer brown. However, if you were an automobile dealer and black colored cars outsold brown colored cars 100 to 1, you could either make a smart business decision and sell lots of black colored cars and make money, or you could be headstrong, make decisions on what you like, stock your car lot with nothing but brown colored cars, and it wouldn’t matter if you were the greatest salesman in the world, with the greatest brown colored automobile on the planet, you’d only make only a few sales and go broke!

You’re in the Marketing Business Now!
You Need to Know and Follow the Rules if You Want to Succeed!

Never forget! You are in the marketing business first and foremost, and if you’re going to be a successful and professional marketer, you need to remember the first rule of marketing: What you like and think is irrelevant! What the masses like, want, think, and need is the only thing that counts! Not only is health and wellness the next global, multi-trillion dollar opportunity, but health is the most searched term on the Internet, which should give you a clue as to what people think and what is on their mind.

In fact, thanks to the Internet, this global health and wellness revolution is going to occur faster than it otherwise would have, as will the growth of network marketing, with the number of people in network marketing worldwide projected to skyrocket from 60 million people today to upwards of 200 million people in just the next 12-24 months. You’re definitely in the right place at the right time!

And here’s the second rule of marketing: As long as it’s a quality product, has a large market of potential customers, there’s either a demand for the product or one can be created, it’s safe to use, has been shown to work for a number of people, and is profitable to promote, it’s an opportunity you should pursue and a product that you can and should promote, regardless of whether you use and like the product or not, and whether it’s worked for you or not! I can hear some of you know. “Did he just say what I think he said?” Yes!

Granted, it’s preferable if you do like and use the product, but should that be the primary consideration? No! People go broke all the time selling products they use and like because the product may not have a large market of potential customers to sustain their business and/or because the product lacks demand for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, just because you like it and it’s worked for you is no guarantee that others are going to like it or that it’s going to work for them! The reverse is also true! Just because you don’t like a product or it hasn’t worked for you does not mean that others are not going to like it and/or that it’s not going to work for them! Furthermore, if someone buys a product and doesn’t like it, for whatever reason, almost all companies today have a money back guarantee, eliminating any fear on your part of “what if I sell a product to someone and they don’t like it or it doesn’t work for them?”

“But I have to be excited about a product in order to promote it,” you might say. My response is, once again from a professional marketer’s point of view, is that I get more excited about the results others are getting than my own! You can get equally excited about the results that others have or are experiencing with a product as you do with your own results! It happens everyday! How many times have you become excited after watching someone open a gift you gave them, even though it may not be a gift that you would have been excited to receive? Men, ever given a woman perfume, something that hopefully you don’t use yourself, and noticed their excitement over receiving it? Ladies, ever given a man a gift you don’t personally use and seen their excitement over receiving it? Yes!

Do you think that people at the advertising agency that are responsible for the ad campaigns that promote say Ford all drive Ford automobiles? No! Yet, they create the campaigns to promote and sell Ford automobiles! They’re professionals when it comes to marketing. They know the rules! Our job is to find a need and fill it with a quality product that has a large market of potential customers and which is profitable to promote.

If You Make Decisions Based on What You Think and Like,
You’re Likely to Make a Decision That Could Cost You a Fortune!

Here’s a perfect example of both rules when it comes to network marketing! Back in the early 90’s I was one of the first to know about a new thermogenic, weight loss type product that was going to be introduced through network marketing. I couldn’t use the product for weight loss or inch loss because, if anything, I needed to gain a few pounds, having been very slender all of my life. How was I going to be sold on the product if I couldn’t use it myself and if it didn’t work for me? Easy! Give samples to people I knew who did need or want to lose a few pounds and/or inches and wanted more energy, and let them give me the answer as well as seeing how it worked for others I didn’t know! (The first rule of marketing, remember?)

No sooner had I given out samples, my phone started to ring off the hook! People noticed a difference in not only their energy levels within the first day or two, but they had lost a few inches and pounds within their first week! Not only that, but they had already told a friend or two at work and they weren’t even distributors! Many not only ordered 1 bottle for themselves, but the person or two they had already told about the product wanted a bottle as well! I had my answers!

Realizing that there was a huge market, no pun intended, for a weight/inch loss product with an energy boost, once I saw that the product worked for others and that there was a lucrative opportunity involved, I jumped at the chance to promote the product. Long story short, the product was a tremendous success, and within 3 years I had an organization of around 150,000 distributors which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in that short period of time, earning me a rather large income in the process, even though I couldn’t use the product for its main purpose! If I would have based my decision on what I was “into” or “I have to use it myself and be sold on it before I can sell it to others” philosophy I often hear from people, I’d still be waiting 15 years later to gain enough weight to use the product and lose a few pounds in order prove to myself it worked!

More importantly, I obviously would have missed the opportunity and someone else would have had an organization of 150,000 people and earned a lucrative income! I simply made a smart business decision! Fortunately, I was in the advertising and marketing business prior to network marketing and I never forgot the first 2 rules of marketing! You shouldn’t either IF you want to increase your chances for success and earn a life changing income!

I have to confess that I’ve never really understood the “I have to use it myself, it has to work for me, and I have to be sold on it myself before I can sell it” philosophy. First, your job isn’t to sell-it’s to share! Second, just because you use and like a product and it has worked for you is no guarantee that the others are going to like it or that it’s going to work for them, any more than just because a product didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s not going to work for others. As long as it’s a quality product, has a large market of potential customers, is safe to use, has been shown to work for a large number of other people, and is profitable to promote, if you are a professional marketer, it’s a product that you can and should promote and sell.

Besides, almost every company today has a money back guarantee, which makes having to be sold on the product yourself before you can sell it to others even more of a non-issue because if they don’t like the product, they get their money back!

How many opportunities have you missed out on where others experienced tremendous success, all because of what you thought or didn’t like? You’re in the marketing business! Never forget the first 2 rules of marketing or it could cost you a fortune!

Here Are Several “Landmines” That You Should Avoid!

Note: We’re often asked if there are any programs we do not recommend, and the answer is yes!

First, we do NOT recommend “groundfloor opportunities!” Less than 100 out of 30-50,000 MLM companies that have launched over the past 6 decades have lasted more than five years. That’s around 1 out of every 300-500 companies! You can get better odds than that in Las Vegas!

The bottom line is this: 99% of network marketing companies will not last five years. They will be out of business, regardless of how great their product is, how lucrative their pay plan is on paper, what big name owns the company, how much money they supposedly have, or how much experience they have! If you join one of those companies that does go out of business, your hard work will go down the drain. Remember, you’re looking to put the odds of success in your favor, not trying to beat the odds!

In terms of specific types of programs, we do NOT recommend travel programs! They are being scrutinized by regulators, with some companies such as YTB having recently faced legal action by several state Attorney Generals in the U.S. Usually once a few states initiate legal action, the other states will follow. It usually marks the beginning of the end as once regulators in the U.S. begin investigations and initiate legal action, many international countries such as Canada, the U.K., Australia, and others will follow.

What’s the reason for the legal action? Distributors are earning less than 10% of their income from the actual travel of customers (non-business participants). The bulk of their income is coming from the recruiting of new distributors and the sale of business builder packages to those new distributors, which regulators do not consider to be a legitimate “retail” sale. (The primary reason for the distributor in buying the package is to participate in the business opportunity, hence they are not a customer, and the purchase therefore is not by regulators to be a legitimate retail sale.)

Frankly, we’re surprised it has taken regulators this long to take action against the various travel deals. We’ve known for years that typical travel programs were nothing more than “money games’ based on recruiting people and selling overpriced travel card/business package in order to pay out big commissions upfront and generate large incomes through their compensation plan.

We also do NOT recommend internet oriented programs promoting online music, advertising, software packages, e-commerce/shopping malls, or social networking! Not one of these types of programs have had any substantial, long term success and for obvious reasons! They don’t have the name recognition, the traffic, the eyeballs, or the money to compete against well established internet giants, and in many cases are trying to charge people money for something the traditional internet giants or others offer for free or for considerably less as it is the only way for them to create a moneymaking opportunity.

In fact, most of the money made by distributors in these types of programs is NOT made on selling the actual product to a bona fide customer (a non-business participant), but in recruiting people and selling expensive business builder packages and/or giving people the ability to make money on training people by promoting the purchase of training packages. While the opportunity may initially attracts network marketers, it will not attract large numbers of the general public who are not going to pay for something every month like a website on a new social networking platform from some new, unknown company they’ve never heard of when they getting a free website from a well known and popular Internet giant like MySpace or Facebook that already has a large community of tens of millions of people they’re already accustomed to interacting with.

residual income! Second, only those that can massively recruit and keep recruiting will succeed! Third, regulators like to see distributors getting customers and they like to see distributors meeting some minimal performance standards as a rationale behind earning commission and bonus checks, especially on people they don’t know! Otherwise, you’re earning income because you were lucky, and that makes it an illegal program!

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More Importantly, You Can Profit From It!

In summary, we’re not surprised that since the year 2000, when our industry went through an evolutionary period due to computers and the Internet, which in turn exposed more people in other countries to the concept of network marketing, making international expansion occur faster and easier, the companies that have had the biggest growth, the most success, and where the biggest incomes have been earned in the shortest period of time are in health and wellness/personal care, which is the first of the “6 Keys!”

Key #2) they are/were single product companies or one concept driven opportunities such as weight loss with just several products, or programs with just a few products designed around one principal ingredient such as a “superfruit” like Mangosteen (they are not companies with tens, hundreds, or thousands of products); &

Key #3) they have 1/3-2/3 or 50/50 binary pay plans with matching bonuses. Some are one position plans with a cap of $25,000-$50,000 a week while others are programs where you can have 3 positions, with each position capped at $10,000 a week.

These types of binary pay plans also include matching bonuses (you receive a percentage on the binary check people earn that you personally enroll and on the binary check of people they enroll, and so forth), with some plans paying matching bonuses on only a few levels while others pay up to 7 levels, with no cap on what you can earn in matching bonuses.

Remember: the more levels they pay on matching bonuses, the less money they have available to put in the binary portion of their plan, and the binary part of the pay plan, for most people, is where they stand to make money the fastest, especially since it takes time to have people 7 levels deep earning significant binary checks that you can earn a match on, plus time for you to meet the qualification requirements to earn on all 7 levels, if you ever do! The average person probably stands to make more money, and make it faster, in a 1/3-2/3 binary plan that only pays on a few levels of matching bonuses as their binary income will be bigger plus the requirements to earn 2 or levels of matching bonuses are more likely to be achieved.

Just because a plan pays more levels in matching bonuses does not mean it is a better or more lucrative plan than one that pays on fewer levels. There are people making up to $100,000 a month and more in binary plans that only pay matching bonuses on a few levels and there are people earning up to $100,000 a month and more in binary plans that pay matching bonuses on up to 7 levels.

Today, as noted earlier, while there are binary plans with a unilevel on the back end, the 2 most prevalent are binary plans with matching bonuses, one that allows you to have one position and usually have a “cap” (limitation on what you can earn on the production of your 2 teams) that ranges from $25,000-$50,000 a week with no limitation on matching bonuses, and the other that allows you to have 3 positions, with each position capped at $10,000 a week with no limit on what you can earn on matching bonuses.

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Peter Mwaura Mutiti : Teaching old blood cells new tricks:
When you hear someone mention circulation you probably think of the heart and major arteries—and for good reason. Circulatory disorders such as hypertension (high blood pressure) and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) are major risk factors for heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.

But there’s more to it than that. With all the attention on the heart and arteries, it’s easy to overlook serious health problems affecting the smallest components of the circulatory system—microscopic blood vessels called microcapillaries, where the critical exchange of oxygen and nutrients actually takes place. If blood isn’t flowing through this web properly, it can trigger all sorts of health problems, many of which may not seem related to circulation at all.

A number of factors contribute to poor circulation as we age. Arteries and veins become stiff and congested as cholesterol and calcium plaques accumulate and restrict blood flow. Spasms in the smooth muscles surrounding the circulatory arteries and veins can also choke off circulation. These same processes also occur in our microcapillaries, reducing microcirculation and impairing the critical exchange of nutrients and gases in tissues and major organs.

This problem only gets worse as we get older because of changes in the composition and structure of blood cells. As you reach middle age, the blood starts to thicken and congeal as platelets and blood proteins make cells sticky. Plus, the spleen—the organ that removes old, damaged blood cells from circulation—begins to slow down with age, which means new, healthy blood cells are replaced at a sharply reduced rate. And to make matters even worse, as blood cells age, they become stiff and no longer appear round and evenly shaped. This makes it harder for them to pass smoothly through the capillaries. In fact, the angular, jagged shape of the old cells can damage the fragile microcapillaries even further.

Eventually, these age-related changes take their toll on the microcapillaries, reducing circulation to the tissues and blocking the flow of nutrients and oxygen. Removal of carbon dioxide and other metabolic waste products is also hindered. This leads to a slow buildup of metabolic garbage that can gradually bury the cells in their own waste products. In time, the cells, poisoned by their own metabolic byproducts, begin to waste away and ultimately cease to function altogether.

The combined effect of poor circulation and old blood contributes to a host of symptoms, including deep fatigue, fuzzy thinking, frequent infections, and lowered sex drive—all conditions usually considered just “normal parts of aging.”

If circulation doesn’t improve, it can lead to more serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis. But giving your body a fresh supply of healthy blood may target all of these problems and more.
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